First and foremost, WELCOME HOME to all veterans of all eras.  We appreciate your sacrifice and that of your family.

Shepherds for Lost Sheep, Inc. was founded by veterans hoping to enrich the lives of other veterans dealing with physical and psychological injuries.

Our mission is simple!

"To help veterans help themselves heal through the use of service K-9's."

While we primarily train dogs for PTSD, TBI mitigation, we realize that those aren't the only areas of a person's health affected.  

We have zero paid staff!!!  AND We are proud of it!!!

All of our staff volunteers their time, expertise, and talent to assist in each dog's training.  What does that mean for the veteran?  It means all the money donated goes directly to the dogs!! 

If you have any questions before applying for our program, please feel free to contact our Veteran Liaison, Heather Fall at veteranliaison@shepherdsforlostsheepinc.org. 
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